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Stories have been my first love because they make life. We all have stories to talk about, stories untold, stories locked in our hearts. I have been writing stories ever since they influenced me. Here I am with four fiction novels in my kitty. If you have a story you want to talk about, you can always write to me. Here you'll find my blog posts which are sometimes funny and stupid because I choose to write what prevails within me. About me on a personal note: I love to write at any time. Some day, I want to be the person who creates a tiny difference in the book world. Apart from that, I do have commom interests just like anybody else with an extra tint of passion for books.​

This is me, Chital. A newbie mamma. I have found that the transition towards being a mother is somewhere between daunting to fascinating to overwhelming. I have learnt and discovered a lot of things. In fact, I think parenting is an everyday adventure. You will find my posts that are more about my adventures as a mom. I am not here to give away tips, in fact I am still a learner mom looking for ideas. This blog simply talks about my experiences as a mother. I am still learning the ropes. As much as I like things to be measured and concrete, I have realized that there can be no perfect parenting. It's probably more to do with instincts. Imagine raising a baby based purely on instincts. Ain't we mamma's the courageous lot?


Read on to know more. Your comments or thoughts are welcome. - Raw candid diaries of a dogged mom

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