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So here is a list of books that I wrote during the 'I-am-a-teenage' phase. If you do happen to read any of these, whether you liked it or not and if you care to comment, you can drop me a line or two at I am a sucker for feedback.

A Heart's Whisper

When 23-year-old Rhea announces to her Indian parents that she wants to move from Pune to Frankfurt for higher studies, they voice their reservations about it. Finally, when she promises to marry a guy of their choice after her studies, they agree to let her go. As fate would have it, she meets the love of her life, Gary, a journalist in Frankfurt.


She persuades her parents to let her marry him in Pune. Just when they are about to taste the joy of their lives, Gary acts strange complaining that the food is poisoned and slashes himself. A visit to a doctor reveals that he might have schizophrenia. Rhea is devastated. Despite all contrary advice, she marries Gary and moves to Frankfurt. As the illness advances, Gary poses a threat to himself as well as others. Though Rhea tries to stay strong and positive, she gets terrified when Gary tries to kill himself again.


Will Rhea save her marriage? Or will she walk away from the man she loves?

The Promise
Dad says, 'Go to work (how boring!)
Heart says, 'Have a blast' (yippee)
Dad kicks me out. What do I do now? (Lost!)
Friends are damn busy (Grrrrrrr)
I meet Pinky (It's definitely love at first sight, believe me!)
I join CAT class (whoa! I am in love)
My love life rolls on rocking (yeah, she loves me too. Great na?)
Dad is also happy (Son is finally studying. Duh!)
Rani steps in...nice girl, really cute (just a friend!)
She is my best friend but then...she says she loves me...
Oops... I kiss her (I didn’t mean to...)
But I love Pinky (Do I?)
And I have made her a promise... (I can't break it)
This is me, Ajay. (Lost and confused madly in love)
Can you really measure friendship and love?
Step into Ajay's world which is filled with frolic, fun, confusions and craziness to discover the truth about friendship and love.
Are you the one for me?

Having lived in a dream world where everything seems perfect, Khushi is heart - broken when Rohit, her boyfriend of two years, dumps her for another blonde. Since then, she resolves to seal her heart for love convinced that she would never fall in love ever. Just when she moves on with her life surrounded by friends who help her our to mend her broken heart, she meets jai, Mr. Perfect - her boss. At least, that's what Khushi thought about him. Despite her initial resistance, she falls in love with him.

Disaster hits her again when she learns that he doesn't feel the same way about her. This time, Khushi decides on a stronger note that love was just not meant for her. And then, Manav, a carefree guy, steps into her life who promises to love her in every possible way.

After being heart - broken twice, which still hurts, will khushi give love another chance knowing that it could be risking her heart again for the third time ?

I Luv My Lyf


Nisha, a town-bred schoolgirl, just steps into college and is highly excited as to what is awaiting her. In the midst of the hype of richie-rich people around her, she encounters a very different mixture of people whom she finds difficult to cope up with. 


Stemming out of her shy attitude towards life, she passes her college through the darkest situations and learns that life is not always perfect. Her journey through college shows her the tough patches of being let down by someone whom you count on always and still manage to go on. Friendship, love, and parents revolve around a collegian constantly in all spheres 
Nisha tastes the freedom of being a youngster and also of a confused teenager who resolves to create her own destiny. 

Are you in to join the journey of a young girl who steps into the most enjoyable and memorable phase of life called college?

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