"It wasn’t just the kind of betrayal two married people could put behind them and move on, like an extra-marital affair or a hidden shopping splurge. She had hit him hardest where it hurt the most."

CID Inspector, Vikram Rathi is battling memories of his sister’s brutal murder that has rendered him sleepless nights because the case remains unsolved. But the recent murder of a young woman in Chennai takes a mysterious turn when Vikram finds himself unravelling the secrets between the woman and her assailant that appear more complicated than they seem to be.

As he ventures himself further into the case, Vikram learns things about his own sister that could lead to the discovery of her killer. Is Vikram prepared to learn the secrets that will finally put his doubts to rest? But what if these secrets threaten to change his life forever and question everything that he ever believed in?

Chital Mehta’s latest mystery novel is all about discovering dangerous secrets lurking inside human minds, set against a backdrop of South India’s Chennai city.


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