"I just finished your book 'The Promise', simply superb, really a great book and to my own surprise I never finished a book in 3 days as I never read any book other than the academic, infact this the 3rd book I read in my entire life. 1st one took 3 years, 2nd one 2years and 3rd only 3 days, this should tell how interesting your book was. I must admit I was reading my own story. I still can't believe the book revolved around my own life, every incident. Not that I am proud to be having no aim in life, it was so close that I actually joined a computer language course for one of  my ex-girlfriends." - Bobby Gada


"Hey My Blog Follower... Been reading your novel in your current blog for quite some time and I really like the way you put your thoughts... Kudos for tat... All the best. Cheers" - Aravind


"I just finished with "The promise" right now.....I am a book worm and I have read so many of novels but this was the most astonishing novel I have ever read in my life.....it touched the core of my heart.....you are a very good writer.....I must appreciate you have done a good job....and first time I am writing a message to a writer whose novel I just finished because I can't stop myself from thanking you..." - Shilpa Umedkar.


"First of all hats off to Miss Chital who being a woman described about a male character!! I read it in one go... once I started reading... never thought of taking a break!! The story is so interesting. I was able to connect this with my own life too :-) A nice love story which leads to positive changes in guy's life...Quite a good one!" - Abhinav Kashikar


"I had read your first book, 'I LUV MY LYF'...I must say...Really a great novel I have came across till date...yesterday I also bought your second book "THE PROMISE" from Dhanbad book fair....now I am a great fan of yours..I am also a frequent visitor of your blog which you have been writing since June 2009..I cherished reading all your blogs "An ode 2 friendship, the F word,lost in a laugh,mobile fantasies, finding a soulmate on a site...Thanks for your books" - Subrata.




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