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A little more about me, writing and books...

Q. What inspired me to write my first book? 

A. Books. I started reading from the age of fourteen. I fell in love with books. I am not great at talking but I found that communicating was much easier through words. When I turned 20, I knew I had to pen down a book. 

Q. Do I have a specific writing style? 

A. Yes, every writer does even if they don't realize it. Most of the times I don't realize it as well. When I read a couple of my books, I tend to see the style. Sometimes, a writer tends to imitate those writers whom they admire. And that's totally fine as it will only lead to you a style of your own.

Q. Is there a message in my novel that I want for readers to understand?

A. Not really. If everything in the world came with a message, I think it would be boring. As long as readers leave happy when they finish my books, I would think I have done my job. And if you don't enjoy it, that's fine too. I am always working at getting better so you might like my next work.

Q. How much of my books are real? 

A. Most of it and nothing at all. I mean, all the books that I write are based on real life incidents that I hear or experience about. But they are all fabricated with a layer of fiction. That is what Fiction is about. Lying about the truth.

Q. Are experiences based on someone I know, or events my own life?  

A. Yes, my stories are inspired from people and events. But I respect their privacy and try to avoid the most obvious facts. Also, they'll get pissed at me for using their stories. So, the trick is use fiction as a cover. 

Q. If I had to choose, which writer would I consider a mentor? 

A. Nicholas Sparks. I grew up reading his books to a large extent. Now, I am a big fan of Stephen King. 

Q. Are there any new authors that have grasped my interest?

A. Yes, a dozen of them. I love reading new books. 

Q. one entity that I feel supported you outside of family members. 

A. Google. :) I mention this because I found all guidance and ideas from advice penned by other authors. A wealth of information is out there. The trick is keep your eyes and ears open all the time.

Q. Do I see writing as a career? 

A. Definitely. As a writer, I want to see my living through books. 

Q. Do I learn anything from writing and reading?

A. Yes, I learn a lot from writing and reading books. I would say that books have helped me grow in many ways than I can imagine. They are like my guide lights. 

Q. A word for other writers-

A. Well, just the same old thing- be yourself. Believe me, it's easy to say this but equally hard to be yourself at all times. But I have suggestions for writers who are beginning to write. Have a lot of faith in yourself, write what you like the most, pay attention to what happens inside you, don't take life too seriously and lastly, read a lot, really, A LOT. 

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