I was born in Gujarat which makes me a Gujarati. Other than my obsession with sweets, there is nothing 'gujarati' about me. That being said, I spent a major chunk of my life in Tamil Nadu where my family migrated decades ago. 


I penned down my first fiction novel "I Luv My Lyf" in 2009 through which I discovered my first streak in writing.  In the following years, I wrote "The Promise" (2010), "Are you the one for me?" (2011) and A Heart's Whisper in (2013) which taught me more than any writing class could have. 

My latest mystery novel 'The Chennai Killings' is available on Amazon. Read more about the book in further pages. 

Currently, I am living in the States, working on my next big 'book' (I know, that's what every writer says). I completed my MFA in creative writing with fiction emphasis at Lindenwood University ( because hey, there is no end to learning). When I am not in front of my laptop, I am usually doing dishes or running behind my toddler son who keeps me grounded to reality or cooing over my baby girl, the recent addition in my family. Well, my husband is also my constant companion who is my roomie, my bestie and my punching bag (God bless husbands).

Also, I am constantly ranting about my life in my blog about my opinions and my  fun motherly experiences. In the past, I was a contributor at ezinearticles.com for the Relationship section and I also wrote a few articles for the 'The New Indian Express'. 

In a nutshell, I am someone who likes to make a difference, even if it's very small because I believe small things make life. Being an extremely positive person, I have always looked for the best in everything. Books have always been my best pals but human beings are my biggest motivators.

Apart from books, I love to hear music, watch movies and watch the snow falling with a hot cup of coffee.(you should try it someday).

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